Feature Films


1992: «The Greek Labyrinth» (“El Laberinto Griego”).

Noir Detective Drama. Screenplay written by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán and Rafael Alcázar. With Omero Antonutti, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Eusebio Poncela, Terele Pavez, Penélope Cruz (film debut) and F. Guillen Cuervo. Official Section of the International Film Festivals Montpellier 92 and Cattolica (MISFEST) 93. International Festival of Montreal 92, «Spanish Cinema Today.» 35mm. 98.


1995: «Picos Pardos» (*).

TV Movie. Youth adventure. With Jesus Bonilla, Eva Serrano and Leopoldo Garcia. Video, 58 ‘. 


1996: «The Digital Corsairs» (“Corsarios del Chip”).

Comedy, Action and Adventure. Screenplay by Rafael Alcázar. With Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Karra Elejalde, Cayetana Guillen-Cuervo, Fernando Guillén, Francis Lorenzo, Ángel de Andrés López and Paulina Gálvez. Official Section International Film Festival of Oporto 96. 35mm, 95’.

2003: «Cat’s Kisses» (“Besos de Gato”).

Drama. Screenplay by Felipe H. Cava and Rafael Alcazar. Adapted from the novel «False Movement» by Alejandro Gándara. With Juanjo Puigcorbé, Leticia Dolera (first leading role), José Sancho, Antonio Resines, Imanol Arias, Antonio Dechent, Ruth Gabriel and Lola Marcelli. Official Section of Cairo and Toulouse International Film Festivals and Malaga in Spain 2003. International Festival of Montreal, Quebec, and Bogota. 35mm 89 ‘.

2006: «The Madness of Don Quixote» (“Las Locuras de Don Quijote”).

2 / 3 Fiction and 1 / 3 Documentary. Screenplay by Felipe Hernandez Cava and Rafael Alcázar. With Txema Blasco, Ángel de Andrés, Antonio Dechent, Juan Llaneras, Javier Albalá and Paula Etxebarría. International Festivals of Brussels, Toulouse and Bogota. High Definition. 115 ‘

2013: “Kaleidoscope” (“Caleidoscopio”).

Screenplay by Rafael Alcazar. Psicothriller. The pain of not feeling loved and resort to fantasy to escape of reality. With Daniela Costa, Clara Botas, Nieve de Medina, Txema Blasco, Laia Alemany, Pape Pérez, David Bendito and Rafa Rojas. HD 16:9, 99».


1992-93: «Stradivarius Real».

4 Concerts (6 programs of 55 ‘approx.). Classical music recorded at the Royal Palace of Madrid, El Escorial, Palace of La Granja and Palace of Aranjuez with the extraordinary Stradivarius Collection of Spanish Royal House, unique in the world, by quartets Melos, Tokyo, Borodin and Shostakovic.


1992-1993: «The Royal Palaces at Madrid».

Documentary of 55 ‘ on the Royal Palace of Madrid, El Escorial, Palace of La Granja and Royal Palace of Aranjuez.

2010: «Los Dichos:Gipsies and Flamenco from Jerez» (“Los Dichos: Gitanos de Jerez”).

Documentary about a big and beautiful startling gypsy wedding in the quarter of Santiago (Jerez, Spain). This is the opportunity to see the way of live of the Gypsy and how the children caming in the art of flamenco. With Vicente Sordera, Antonio El Pipa, El Bo, María Bala, Diego Margara, Enrique El Zambo, El Quini and other famous artists. In HD, 79’ y 54’ versions.

2010-11: “Unamuno live in Amsterdam”.

Documentary around the life of Dutch director Luois Van Gasteren, whose mother lived in Spain. Shown at first time in January 2011 in theatres in Amsterdam. HD, 64′.

2012: “Unamuno Pasionated”.

Documentary about the thought and complex political involvement of renowned writer and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno. Coproductions with TVE and ETB. HD 16:9, 89′ and 59′ versions.

2013- 2014. «Origin and Splendor of the Book».

The most important medieval scriptorium in Spain with some of the most extraordinary Spanish codices masterpieces and oldest incunabula. 55 ‘. In post-production.